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05 January 2012 @ 01:13 pm
WHO: This guy and whoever!
WHERE: A cafe across from Sandust Bookstore
WHEN: Thursday, January 5th
WARNINGS: Sirius will talk.
SUMMARY: Books + crazy wizard = dream job? Y/N?
FORMAT: I tend to go narrative, but I ain't picky.

Having established himself in the left corner by the window, with a battery of baked goods and a mug of tea, Sirius prepares for a late breakfast and semi-serious business conversation.
05 January 2012 @ 03:15 pm
WHERE: Electro's apartment
WHEN: Thursday!
SUMMARY: Let the awkward times roll! Aw yeah.
FORMAT: Quickish.

they wished me good luck and then threw me out the doorCollapse )
05 January 2012 @ 06:33 pm
WHO: the birthday boy and OPEN
WHERE: the roof of the MAC
WHEN: evening of january 4th
WARNINGS: copious amounts of alcohol??
SUMMARY: it's jim's birthday. he's getting drunk on the roof of the mac.
FORMAT: taggers choice!!

i don't remember how the lyrics go but it's something about people dyingCollapse )
Talia al Ghul

WHO: Talia al Ghul and Sherlock Holmes
WHERE: Sherlock’s new place 
WHEN: Tonight
WARNINGS: Partial nudity. Will be updated as needed. 
SUMMARY: In the wake of John’s vanishing act, Talia stops in with a case.
FORMAT: para to start, then whatever

Always turns into the same old crimeCollapse )

ʝɛƨƨιcα ☼ ωαƙɛғιɛℓ∂
WHO: Jessica Wakefield, Laura Kinney, and You!
WHERE: Jessica and Laura's apartment
WHEN: Friday night
WARNINGS: None, hopefully.
SUMMARY: Jessica is throwing a party to celebrate her City-versary and everyone is invited!
FORMAT: Tagger's choice!

She’s heavenly, a treat for the eye to see.Collapse )