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22 February 2011 @ 08:23 pm
WHO: Amanda Waller and Hank McCoy
WHERE: Out in the city! Leaving a ballet performance.
WHEN: S-sometime this week?
SUMMARY: A woman in black ops and a hypergenius walk home.

Well. That wasn't so bad.

The ballet still wasn't much of Amanda's kind of thing - she wasn't the incredibly artsy type, at any sort of level - but really, it wasn't bad. It probably helped quite a bit that she had good company.

After all, going to the museum alone was one thing. Going to a bunch of people in pink and white dancing back and forth on a stage alone? Quite another.

She smiled broadly as she left the theater with one furry, blue individual, quite enjoying herself, much to her own surprise.

"Okay, so you know about ballet. What other hobbies do you have? You look like you like to keep busy."
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: I'm quite sure.bluepurrymuffin on February 23rd, 2011 01:54 am (UTC)
It had been a fine performance, and Hank found Amanda to be delightful company, if perhaps a little out of her element. But she seemed to him to have enjoyed herself, even if it might not quite have been her thing.

But it was a lovely evening, the air crisp but not too cool, and spring noticeably on the horizon. It felt good to have a splendid time for once.

"With my workload? I'm lucky that my choice of occupation tends to overlap with my hobbies. But the arts in all their forms are typically a good fallback for when I need some time away. And yours?"
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"Honestly? Not a lot. I've gotten in the habit of doing so much work that I don't leave myself a lot of free time for hobbies. So it's like having to start all over again."

She takes a few steps, thoughts bouncing around in her head, looking for what she could call a hobby. Surely, if an overworked guy with at least three PHDs could have some, she could too.

"Reading. I do a lot of reading. Mostly non-fiction, historical. I like to know everything I can that has lead us to where the world is now. That whole idea of 'those who don't learn from history...' has been demonstrably true in my lifetime."

"Course, with people from a hundred different universes out there all curling up here, I'd have a lot more reading to do. I hear yours isn't too fond of metahumans - or, mutants, as you call them."

"Which is new to me."

Of course, her universe had Superman for people to grow fond of.
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: Always hidden depths to consider...bluepurrymuffin on February 23rd, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
"Ah, history can indeed be vital to the future of any society, it's important to recognize our mistakes and abuses, to not simply sweep them under the rug. Most of my time poking into the subject while I've been here has been a little illuminating. It's more notable for its absences than its inclusions compared to the history of my world. I find hat very curious."

He took off his glasses and rubbed them clean with a cloth from his pocket.

"One could make some case from a standpoint of 'evolutionary psychology', that humans are acting in defense of their own future, but frankly I find the assertion ridiculous. There's also the idea that it's a practical fear of the dangers of mutant abilities, but given the harmlessness of a fair number of them, this too is only an excuse.

"The fact of the matter is that a normative and homogeneous culture cannot tolerate something new, and feels it must stamp it out to maintain the status quo."

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"That it hates mutants and not some of the other superheroes, that also bugs me. Just doesn't make any sense. But, I suppose it's not in humanity to be rational about hate."

Never was.

"It's a whole... community, where I'm from. Has magazines, websites, clubs dedicated to just metas. You can even list it on a dating profile. I mean, after all, not everybody who gets the power to lift a few tons decides to uses it to put on a costume and fight crime."

Tried to think of a different topic. They had such a good time at the ballet, and now wasn't the time to bringing it down with her trademark constant seriousness.

"Like that fur must be pretty handy in the winter." Amanda tacks on with a smile.
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: What was I thinking?bluepurrymuffin on February 23rd, 2011 09:45 pm (UTC)
"Oh, they've had their occasions of higher scrutiny, we've in fact only just come out of one that lasted the better part of two years. But certainly, they aren't typically regarded as a genetic underclass.

"When I first became an Avenger, it actually came with a good deal more public acceptance, though much of it was of a more self-serving PC model, which saw me as 'that nice mutant boy they let in their clubhouse.' But I was still young then, and any kind of public acceptance, even so disingenuous as that, was something of a big deal. It may not surprise you to hear that when I eventually returned to the X-Men, I was right back to suspicions of being a member of some secret militant group, even and especially after we made our operations more public.

"We did have some form of a subculture a few years back, but...well, our numbers aren't what they used to be, I'm afraid."

He said this last bit with some amount of melancholy, one of those big things that's weighed on him for years. He welcomed the change in topic and met it with something of a weak smile.

"Oh, it does! It can be a bother in the summer, but it's rather useful for this season."
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"Heh. I can just imagine you sitting in an air conditioned room in the summer, trying to read some Chaucer, sweating your ass off..."

Actually chuckled at that. Not forced. Felt natural.


"You know, the terrible thing is, I'm fascinated by the kind of fields you work in, but I don't have the knowledge to understand it beyond the brushstrokes. I inherently like to know things. How the body works, how the universe works, how everything clicks together and keeps running."

"But my land of expertise is politics. Always had someone else to explain the hyper complications of biology or physics or magic to me."
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: So it would seem.bluepurrymuffin on February 24th, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)
"As a matter of fact, in the middle of last month we had a sudden one-day heatwave combined with a level of humidity quite unseasonal this far North. As though it were suddenly summer...in Brazil. And, as a matter of fact, I almost did just that!" ...Only it was Dante, actually.

He spreads his hands a bit in front of them, and finds himself moving illustratively as he speaks. "You've actually described my exact feelings toward magic. I love to learn and understand about everything, ever since I was a kid, but magic is something that just seems beyond me! Learning the rules, I can understand, but the rules seems to be constantly shifting and changing any time I look any further."

"Politics I know a thing or two about, though perhaps not as well as you would." He chuckles lightly. "Politicians, on the other hand, I have more experience with than I ever cared to."

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Now more laughter, more smiles. Good lord, how did she avoid taking time for herself like this for so long? Felt just... delightful. Relaxing. Like she was shaving off her chances of a heart attack significantly.

"The best way I've made sense of it is to look at it like a primal, wild energy source - and that everybody has their own way of channeling it. Zatanna, for example. She speaks backwards for her spells. But nobody outside of her family does magic that way."

"The only other thing I know about magic is that it's sort of like a barter system. Nothing comes free. You want to summon fire, you have to trade for it."

Mmm. Uncomfortable topic - for multiple reasons. Not least of which that Amanda was free of any of the problems that Hank just implicated there. Good lord, she was practically a shining example of them.

Time to move on.

Trodding through the sidewalk, it wouldn't be too long before she got to her apartment. Which was... actually unfortunate.

"So, enough about just simple hobbies, then..."

"What makes you happy, Hank? If I can call you Hank."
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: It's really quite simple.bluepurrymuffin on February 24th, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
It's okay, Amanda. You do dirty jobs, but you'll never be as bad as Henry Peter Gyrich.

"I prefer Hank, actually. But what makes me happy?"

He glanced thoughtfully at the sky, rolling the question around in his head.

"What tends to make me happiest are people. Learning, living, exceeding, and themselves being happy. Especially if I had a hand in that happiness. I'm happiest when I'm helping people, when I'm teaching, or when I myself am learning."

He laughs and rubs the back of his neck. "It's a silly answer, I know." Then, meeting her eyes again, "And what about you, Amanda? If it's alright that I call you that."

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"Seem to be on a similar track."

"I feel good from a job well done. From seeing people safe. That Hell could come down on Earth, and that I know what to do to keep people who have nothing to do with this day to day superheroes and supervillains and alien invaders nonsense... I know what to do to keep them from having their lives ruined, or just ended because of it. People who didn't volunteer for any of this shouldn't have to be any part of it, and I feel good knowing that I can make sure they don't have to be."

"People in tights can only stop so many crises, after all."
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: How very interesting...bluepurrymuffin on February 24th, 2011 05:16 am (UTC)
"Glad to meet someone with a sense of perspective!"

"I tend to feel there are often innocents on both sides of the 'super' and 'civilian' camps, too many tights who wouldn't be if they were given the option. There are far more ways to be a superhero than simply punching the bad guys!"

He shrugged his shoulders and gave himself a once over. By any definition, he was huge, nearly two feet taller than Amanda and easily two and a half times her size. "Which isn't to say I'm not particularly suited for it, I just feel that my efforts may be better directed to other areas. I do enjoy superheroics, but I feel the X-Men were at their best as a mutant response and rescue team, providing aid where it was needed, taking care of our own. It is perhaps something along those lines I would like to find myself in again."
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"Lord knows people could be helped a lot more if superscientists like yourself had more time to turn their eye to the day to day problems instead of having to deal with another superpowered neo-nazi group." She said. Smiling a bit more. They were on a good wavelength here. Protection, safety for people who didn't join up with capes and costumes. "Response and rescue, long term solutions... that's where the real stuff is at."

"And me, I'm glad there's a system set up back where I'm from so if some kid gets bit by a werewolf or wakes up one day and finds out she's the descendant of two ancient magical forces, we can help them have a normal life, if they want it. The world doesn't have to be secret identities and putting your life on the line the moment you become more than human."

Came to a stop at a set of stairs. Breathed out, and turned to face McCoy, having to tilt her head up a bit to meet his gaze.

"Well, this is my apartment."

"It's been a lovely night, Hank."
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: Hmm?bluepurrymuffin on February 24th, 2011 09:31 pm (UTC)
He smiled perhaps a little sadly. That system used to be what the X-Men were, when it was an available option. Now it was all child soldiers, neverending war, impending doom...Scott's private little army. But this wasn't the night to be worrying about that, he was allowed at least one night away from it.

So he brightened his smile a little more and met her eyes again.
"Indeed it has been. Perhaps we can do this again sometime?"
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"I'd like that. Maybe a movie."

A beat, and she just smiles back at Hank, before stepping to the door.

"I'll keep in touch."

In. Up the stairs.

And for the night, gone.
Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy: Big smile!bluepurrymuffin on February 24th, 2011 10:44 pm (UTC)
"I'll look forward to it!" he calls after her.

He stands there a moment as she walks in the door before turning back to make his own way home. He resists the urge to skip, but this seems like a splendid time to hop across a rooftop or two.